HTML DOM rev 属性


The rev property sets or returns the relationship between the target URL and the current document.

The rel and rev properties work together. Those two properties are used by search engines to provide a linked navigation menu.



The rel property can have one of the following values:

Value Description
appendix Link to the appendix page of the document
alternate Link to an alternative source of the document
bookmark Link to a bookmark
chapter Link to a chapter
contents Link to the table of contents of the document
copyright Link to copyright or the policy of the document
glossary Link to the glossary page of the document
index Link to the index page of the document
next Link to the next page
prev Link to the previous page
section Link to a section in a list of documents
start Link to the first page (used by search engines to show the first page)
stylesheet Link to the style sheet of the document.
subsection Link to a sub-section in a list of current documents


The following example returns the relationship between the target URL and the current document:

<link rev="subsection" id="link1" 
href="/htmldom/prop_link_rev.asp" />

<script type="text/javascript">
document.write("Reverse relationship: " + x.rev);
document.write("<br />This page is a subsection of: ");